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  • Diana Alford - 2/5/2019
    I've always said a maintenance team can either make or break an apartment. I stayed at my previous place longer than wanted due to the amazing team there. That being said, I was nervous about the team here at AOM. Silly me, our maintenance team here at AOM is wonderful! They have gone above and beyond to help me. Even stepped in with a few things during my move that weren't not expected of them. They respond quickly to request and are always so pleasant when working inside your home. Glad to have a great maintenance team on board!! Thank you!!
  • Kenneth Williams - 3/27/2019
    Wonderful place to live!
  • Josie - 8/15/2019
    This is a great place to live. The staff goes above and beyond to help in any way they can. I would recommend Aura on McKinney to anyone!
  • Sarah - 9/10/2019
    I've loved living here for the past year and the new team is fantastic! They have plenty of parking for residents inside the gates and another level just for guests. It's one of the big reasons I leased here. I'm staying for another year because they've always taken care of my maintenance requests and the office is super helpful!